A compilation of stories,concepts,and other such arrangement of words,  within the intellectual dark ages,for the entertainment of the observers.. .. .

Standard Introduction

Yoo fellow friends,family,intellectuals,whopitoo,everyothertitle.. .. .

RishabhNatarajan.net is the name,to efficiently distinguish myself,the author,from those other fine Rishabh Natarajan's,in the universe.Living among these humans,deep within the intellectual dark ages,causes one to entertain themselves by creating pages such as these.Give a computer with internet connectivity and a software to efficiently create a webpage,and watch these humans spend time writing mulitple arrangement of words for the amusement of eveyone reading including the author.Musn't i do something productive now?

Stories.. .. .

Fashion icons of the street.. .. .

There i was,mind you,humming to The Beatles(The band,not those fine creatures),when i noticed the  awkwardness people have around other individuals dressed in a different attire.What causes these humans to defy these societal trained dress codes,assigned to man and a women?

There being enough time for the light to turn green ,these amusing chaps approached me ,a broke 21 year old,to get me to pay them of course.There not being enough entertainment in the middle of the road,on account of my earphones/headphones not being available,i decided to amuse  myself.

Among the three,one of them seemed to do the rhetorical talking,to make me pay for their entertainment,They suggested i had visited them a month or so ago,and ask me if i remember .Now,using a method often used in situations like these,i suggested we met yesterday and was disappointed with their lack of memory.They ,not encountering chaps who suggests they had slept with them ,often,were surprised,and laughed.One of them even felt the need to reward my amusing rhetoric with a hug.They failing at their task of getting a few bucks from a broke ass kid,ready to entertain their rhetoric,and on account of the signal turning green,move on to the next target.

Begging,one of the oldest professions of humans,made efficient by the awkwardness humans have with a different fabric worn by others.

Don't these humans offer the best entertainment?